Prosthetist-orthotist is a profession that involves the use of evidence-based practice to provide clinical assessment, prescription, technical design, and fabrication of prosthetics and/or orthotics. Determining goals and a rehabilitation plan that includes prosthetics/orthotics services and determining clinical outcomes. This profession aims to ensure that service recipients have equal opportunities for full participation in society.

Professional standard "Prosthetist-orthotist"

Educational level: Master's degree in prosthetics and orthotics 
Industry: Healthcare
The profession is regulated

Prosthetics-orthotics technician is a profession that includes manufacturing, technical calculations, development of simple designs and simple schemes of prosthetic and orthotic products in accordance with technical specifications, applicable standards and regulations.

Professional standard "Prosthetic and orthotic technician"

Educational level:  
Industry: Chemical and bioengineering
The profession is unregulated




Bykovets, Oleh - Poltava

No. 686/2024, Kharkiv National Medical University


Herasymenko, Oleksandr - Lviv

№689/2024, Kharkiv National Medical University


Khrapko, Volodymyr - Dnipro

№696/2024, Kharkiv National Medical University