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A limb prosthesis requires regular service and maintenance. It is better to get fitted at a facility closer to home.

When you need help or have questions When you need help or have questions

What we do


Online and live educational opportunities for limb prosthetics/rehabilitation professionals.


Monthly newsletter with interesting and useful information in the field of limb prosthetics (global trends, news, development, research) and legislative innovations in the field.


Organization of networking of Ukrainian specialists among themselves and with foreign colleagues online and live.


Hotline and consultations for amputees.


Cooperation with government institutions of various levels: consulting and support for the implementation of necessary changes.

Our team

The team includes international expert consultants

  • Antonina Kumka
    Antonina Kumka

    Protez Hub Director of Partnerships and Capacity Building

  • Jon Batzdorff
    Jon Batzdorff

    Chairman of the Protez Hub expert committee, certified prosthetist/orthotist. President of the Prosthetika organization

  • Olena Tsymbalyuk
    Olena Tsymbalyuk

    Vice-President, Protez Hub Director of Logistics and Operations

  •  Oksana Lytvynenko
    Oksana Lytvynenko

    Vice-President, Protez Hub Clinical/Technical Director

  • Сергій Тітаренко
    Serhii Titarenko

    Psychologist. Veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Major of the army aviation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (retired after a heavily wounded in 2014).

  • Natalya Mashko
    Natalya Mashko

    Financial Administrator
    Protez Hub Since 1975, a leading specialist in economics, planning and accounting

  • Фото Ірина Дзюба
    Iryna Dziuba

    Protez Hub Amputee Support Network Coordinator

  • Kostiantyn Halchuk Protez Hub
    Kostiantyn Halchuk

    Administrator of Communications, Protez Hub

  • Шон Свонсон Джонсон
    Shawn Swanson-Johnson (USA)

    Member of Protez Hub Advisory Panel

    Certified Occupational 
    Therapist Executive Director of the “Enhancing Skills For Life” 501c3

  • Laura Burgess
    Laura Burgess (Great Britain)

    Member of Protez Hub Advisory Panel

    Leader of the Clinical Department 
    Physiotherapist specializing in vascular diseases and amputations

  • Gretar Anton Johannesson
    Gretar Anton Johannesson (Sweden)

    Member of Protez Hub Advisory Panel

    Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist 
    Expert in lower limb prosthetics
    Member of the Board - ISPO

  • Alicia White
    Alicia White (USA)

    Member of Protez Hub Advisory Panel

    Certified Physical 
    Therapist Specialist in Prosthetic Rehabilitation

Partnership and Protez Hub Network

Professional Network Member
Project Partner

By registering as a member of the Protez Hub professional network, you become part of an active industry community, have the opportunity to participate in working groups and committees; you receive additional support in the areas of education, exchange, etc.

If you are interested in becoming a partner in one of our projects, please email us with expression of interest (contact@protezhub.com)

Transfer funds to our charity fund or email us for additional information.
Thank you for your support!

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