Canada helps provide timely post-operative rehabilitation to Ukrainian amputees

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The war in Ukraine led to the fact that a large number of Ukrainians lost their limbs.

Rehabilitation after the loss of a limb includes several stages and one of them is the post-operative stage and the stage of preparation for prosthetics. This stage is extremely important for successful prosthetics in the future.

That is why, with the help of the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives, 2,000 amputee backpacks  were assembled and distributed, and an online support group was also created.

Each backpack contains items necessary in the postoperative period: fitness elastic band for muscle training and joint contracture prevention, soft liquid soap, elastic bandages for compression therapy, etc. One of the most important components of the backpack is unbiased informational materials about prosthetics, legal support and development opportunities for veterans.

Amputee Back Pack Protez Hub


The backpack is useful and easy to use.
There is basic care, and if you need something else, the backpack is roomy and you can put additional items.
Special thanks for the brochures, because they are filled with the necessary information and nothing superfluous. 

Anton (callsign Dancer) shared his impressions of the backpack.
In peacetime, Anton was a professional and honored dancer.
In wartime - a platoon commander.
After the counteroffensive near Robotino, Zaporizhzhia region, he wanted to rest in the trench, but sat down on a "petal". As a result - amputation of the foot.

The initiative with backpacks is powerful.
Even if I could buy all these ingredients that are in the backpack, it would not devalue what you are doing.
Because it is a manifestation of care and understanding that it is timely. And this backpack is a good reminder of that.

Serhiy (born in Volyn) was wounded in the arm during a combat mission (he was working as a sniper after being hit by a mortar). Since the territory in the occupied Zaporіzhіа direction is mined, they had to wait for help for more than six hours.


The project is implemented by Protez Hub in cooperation with CO Patients of Ukraine, CO Dignitas, Saving Lives, CO Nova Ukraine, the Ukrainian Veterans Fund and with the support of the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI).